Wedding Films

Below is a small selection of our elegant films from over the years

Directed by Barney, our talented team of film makers create exquisite films full of laughter, love and family. 

As with our photography service, each one is perfectly tailored to you and your day.

From highlight films to full length block busters, we've got you covered!


The Wedding of Jenni and Jimmy took place at Hampton Court House and our aim was to make a film for them that would be different and not be the usual by numbers wedding video. The film we made I feel is more intimate, more cinematic and more emotional, so that anyone who watches it, will be as moved as the couple and hopefully shed the odd tear.

Gemma and Matthew wanted a film for their wedding at Penny Hill Park, that was something very special and different from your run of the mill ‘wedding video’…and that’s why they came to us. We boldly chose to shoot the entire film in slow-motion and also in Black and White, which has created a stunningly beautiful, original and romantic wedding film.

Being The Official Recommended Wedding Photographer and Film Maker at The Bingham RiverHouse in Richmond, means I have shot at this stunning venue more times than anyone else. When Jayde and Liam got married there, friends and family travelled from all around the world to share in a day that had everything…tears, laughter, happiness and joy.

When Camilla and Giles got married at the Honorable Society of Lincoln’s Inn In London, it wasn’t the day they had first planned. Due to Covid their dream day was restricted and re-arranged, but being the incredible couple they are, took everything in their stride. One beautiful couple and two amazing families uniting together in such an historic venue was simply magical. Providing both photography and film for their big day was a real honour.
Mimi and John’s wedding at Bingham Riverhouse was one of the easiest days work I’ve ever had in my nearly 15 years in the wedding business. Their love and connection was there for all to see and I loved every minute of their most special day. Every anniversary since, I always get a text from them saying hi from a beautiful location somewhere, with the most wonderful words still thanking me for all the timeless imagery I created for them that day. Thank you Mimi and John, you are Superstars!!
Hannah and Oliver’s Wedding Day Number 2 (yes their first was an intimate lock down wedding!) was one of the most memorable days I’ve ever had the privilege to be a part of. Both weddings a were held at the gorgeous Bingham Riverhouse and with very step they took that day, so much happiness, love and sheer joy surrounds them. Throughout everything it took for them to finally arrive at this day, their togetherness and love was breathtaking to witness.

May and Pat had a wonderful blessing in the magical gardens of riverside Bingham RiverHouse in Richmond. Their day was all about friends, family and the traditions of their heritage and culture. All the generations were there to share it what was stunning and beautiful wedding.

Samantha and Isi married at St Peter’s church in Petersham and then walked across the famous Turner’s view meadow to the Georgian splendour of The Bingham RiverHouse. With exquisite food and wine and the sultry music of Cuba, their wonderful party ran long into the night…

Claire and Chris got married at the iconic Chelsea Town Hall, followed by a stunning wedding at the equally iconic Swan at Shakespeare’s Globe. From the outset, they wanted the film to be shot to just a single song…One Fine Day by Elbow. Their amazing day from start to finish, fitted the sentiment of the song perfectly.